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INSPIRING, EQUIPPING, FULFILLING. This is our three-fold vision and call to action: Inspire and Equip Christians in Fulfilling the Great Commission. Our mission is to accomplish this through training and evangelism outreaches like The Way of the Master Television Program, movies, “180”, Genius, and Evolution vs. God, our daily Internet streaming program: The Comfort Zone, Aguas Vivientes (our Spanish language ministry), the Ambassadors' Alliance network on Facebook, the online School of Biblical Evangelism (SOBE), Living Waters speakers for numerous events each year, and a wide variety of unique tracts and other evangelism resources. Likewise, our desire is that you would take what God gives you through this ministry and do the same within your church and community - Inspire, Equip, and Fulfill. The call for evangelism is clear. Have you answered that call?

Words of Comfort

The Whole Nine Yards

Written by Ray Comfort

RayComfort.jpg If you listen to most modern preachers, they will tell you how God can help you. He’s your friend and He’s there for your happiness. He has a wonderful plan for your life. However, with a spiraling world economy, the increase in global disasters, wars, unstoppable diseases, massive floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, tsunamis, and escalating violence, it’s not so easy to make the promise of a bliss-filled future for those who respond to the gospel.

Words mean different things to different people. While some preachers would say that a “wonderful” plan means that God will be with us in the lion’s den, they don’t mention the lions, and so they are disillusioned the first time a lion looks at them as lunch. God isn’t portrayed in Scripture as some sort of divine butler who comes at the beck and call of humanity. There’s no promise of perfect happiness in this life. The Christian life is rather portrayed as the opposite. The Bibles promises tribulation, temptation and persecution for those who live a godly life in this sinful world.

Consequently, skeptics are right when they say that the church is filled with hypocrites—those whose lives don’t reflect what we know they should. And our...




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